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11 October 2023 435x Driver

Gede Suardita: The Good Experience Driver from Ubud Nestled in the heart of Bali, Ubud is a sanctuary of enchanting natural beauty and vibrant culture. Offering the perfect backdrop to this, meet Gede Suardita, the “good experience driver” with a rich local insight who introduces the charms of Bali to his passengers. Gede, originally born... read more


11 October 2023 372x Driver

Meet Ianrian, Baliā€™s Gem on Wheels In the vibrant, culturally rich town of Ubud, Bali, there resides a gentleman named Ianrian – more fondly known as Rian. He is a certified and experienced Ubud driver and tour guide, whose passion for sharing the island’s beauty with visitors has spanned over a decade. Humble beginnings have... read more


7 October 2023 322x Driver

Contact me Here… Adit: The Inspiring Journey of a Passionate Tech Enthusiast and Versatile Bali Driver Introduction The biography of Adit, a tech enthusiast, and his impressive, diverse career journey showcases resilience, adaptability, and passion. Starting as a phone and computer repair technician, to transitioning to graphic design, engaging in the ... read more

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